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Why trade your car in with us? That's a good question. We'll not only save you time, but money too. Find the car of your dreams in our digital showroom and order it to your door, then we'll collect your old car at the same time! We make it easier than ever to sell your old car and get your hands on something new. Trade-in your car with us, and use that value to buy your next car through Want to get started straight away? Schedule a video call with one of our in-store specialists.

  • Simple

    One of our specialists will contact you about your car so we can make you an offer.
  • No hidden fees

    You'll always get our best price, with no fees hidden away in the small print.
  • 100% Online

    You don't even have to leave home, our trade-in process can be done entirely in the palm of your hand.

What do I need to do?

The trade-in process is simple and efficient. Make an appointment, send us some images of your car and wait for us to make an offer!

  1. Make an appointment

Make a video appointment with one of our showroom specialists, they'll take a look at your car and ask a couple of questions!

It's a quick and easy way to get the trade-in process started. Even better - you don't even have to leave your driveway!

  1. Send us photographs of your car

We'll request some specific photographs of your vehicle so we can check out all the angles, and make sure everything is as it should be.

  1. Show us your car via video call

One of our specialists will call you at a time of your convenience to get more information, and to see the car up-close. This helps us get a general idea about the car, and check that it matches the description you gave us.

  1. Get your offer

We'll send through your competitive trade-in offer, giving you a code you can use to redeem the price of your vehicle off a purchase from us.

This quote won't change, so long as your car meets the description you gave us when we collect it!

  1. Buy your dream car

Now that you know your old car is off to its new home, it's time to find your next 4-wheeled family member! Browse our online marketplace and find the vehicle that catches your eye.

  1. Get it delivered to your home

That's the hard part done, now it's time for the real fun to begin! Kick back, relax and let us do the driving - we will come and collect your old car when we deliver your new one!

How is my trade-in value calculated?

The value of your trade-in depends on a number of different factors. Some makes and models have a higher residual value than others. To give you a better idea of how we calculate our prices, heres what we look at:

  • The age of your car

    Generally, the newer the car is and the lower its mileage is will usually increase its valuation.
  • The condition of your car

    The condition of your car is important too. The fewer the dents, scrapes and scratches to the exterior the better, and the same goes for the condition of the interior.
  • Current market prices

    We base all valuations on market data which we review regularly, so well always give you the best market price. As long as your current car is in the condition as you described , your offer wont change.

About our hand-in process

Whether were delivering your new car to your door or youre collecting it from one of our delivery stores well inspect your trade-in car at the same time to make sure it matches the description youve provided.

What do we need from you at the time of handing in your car?

  • All sets of keys
  • The service book and any other service records
  • Any accessories or parts that came with the car

Start your trade in

Make a video appointment with one of our showroom specialists, they'll take a look at your car and ask a couple of questions!

Frequently asked questions

Kauft CarNext mein bisheriges Fahrzeug?

Ja, bei CarNext können Sie Ihr aktuelles Fahrzeug in Zahlung geben. Nach eingehender Beratung durch unsere Verkaufsberater erhalten Sie von unserem Übernahmepartner (auf Basis von Bildern) einen garantierten Preis für Ihr Fahrzeug. Wenn Sie damit einverstanden sind, wird der Preis Ihres neuen Fahrzeugs vom Inzahlungnahme-Wert Ihres bisherigen abgezogen. Denken Sie bitte daran, einen Termin für die Begutachtung zu vereinbaren. Darüber hinaus benötigen Sie auf jeden Fall folgende Unterlagen:

  • Ihren Personalausweis
  • Anzahl Vorbesitzer
  • Serviceheft (wird auf Vollständigkeit geprüft)
  • Dokumentation von Unfällen und Reperaturen
  • Fahrzeugschein

Holt mein altes Fahrzeug bei mir ab?

Nein, dies ist nicht möglich. Sie können Ihr altes Fahrzeug beim nächstgelegenen CarNext Store abgeben und dann direkt mit Ihrem neuen Auto losfahren.