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For payments, export order confirmations, collection orders and CMRs.

  1. Address Car Remarketing Site

    Industrieweg 23, 3190 Boortmeerbeek

    Opening hours
    Monday to Friday: from 9AM to 5.15PM
    Closed on weekends and public holidays.

  2. Address Car Remarketing Site (Total loss)

    Broekstraat 10, 1800 Vilvoorde

    Opening hours
    Monday to Thursday: from 8AM till 4PM (closed at 3PM on Fridays).
    Closed during weekends and on holidays.

Car Remarketing: Online tool for traders

If you are a professional car dealer and you are interested in bidding on LeasePlan cars we have in stock every month, you can use our online tool for traders.
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Procedure to buy a used car

From bidding to collecting. Read all steps of our sales process below.

Online bidding

  1. Register or log in

    Register or log into our online selling platform.

  2. What do you need to know about the online auction
    • Any bid made for a vehicule is valid for 5 working days
    • All bids are always without VAT
    • You will be notified by mail when a sales list is opened and when you have bought a vehicle
    • In case wrong bids are to be corrected, a penalty and administration cost of €300 (VAT excl.) can be invoiced.
  3. Confidentiality

    The trader agrees not to use any vehicle data, picutres or any other information from vehicles on sale by LeasePlan CR for its own commercial purposes. In case of breach of this obligation, the trader will be blocked from access to the LeasePlan CRI Application until the pictures or other information ahs been removed. A second breach will mean the definitive termination of all access to the LeasePlan CRI Application.


  1. Bank details

    Payment can only be done by bank transfer on the following bank account:

    • Bank: ING
    • Account number: 330-0543581-47
    • IBAN: BE22 3300 5435 8147
  2. Fees

    The following administration fee will be invoiced for each vehicle bought: €350 (VAT excl.) for a vehicle bought by a Belgian trader (submitted to taxes) or a non-Belgian trader.


  1. Where?

    Pick-up of vehicles is possible at two locations:

    • End of contract goes to the remarketing site in Boortmeerbeek
    • Total-loss goes to the remarketing site in Vilvoorde.

    At peak times we also have other locations to stock our vehicles. From the start of the auction it is indicated where the vehicle is (or will be) located. The opening hours of the remarketing sites and the pick-up address are always clearly stated on the take-out proxy.

  2. When?

    Pick-up of each vehicle must take place within five working days from the invoice date and only with collection authorization.

    Delivery hours:
    Monday to Thursday from 8AM till 4 PM (3PM on Fridays)

    Plan of the parking in Boortmeerbeek: Please park in the loading area and charge vehicle (s) there. Do not leave any badges and / or screws on the ground.

  3. Export

    Export within EU: vehicles will be released on receipt of payment and order confirmation.
    Export outside EU: a VAT guarantee will be requested until LPBE CR receives the EX1 docuent which proves that the vehicle has left the EU.

    Important message for NON-EU traders: LeasePlan can no longer provide EUR1 documents for the following makes: BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Volvo and Seat.

  4. Export documents
    • Order confirmation.What's that? This document will be send by mail along with the invoice to non-belgian traders. Please return the signed document as soon as possible by mail. If we don't receive the document in return, the purchased vehicles cannot be picked up.
    • CMR document - when picked up by a transport company
    • EX1

Questions and claims

  1. For your information
    • Missing documents and/or keys must be reported to LeasePlan Car Remarketing before the vehicle leaves the LeasePlan Car Remarketing site. No claim will be accepted once the vehicle has left the site.
    • When the vehicle has been picked-up by the trader, and no claims have been registered within two working days after pickup, LeasePlan Car Remarketing presumes that the trader accepts the vehicle in full. No claim (technical and/or damage) will be accepted after this period.
  2. Contact us
    • Via mail
    • Via telephone: +32-2-722 63 91