Lease a car

Drive your dream car – hassle free

Go where you want, when you want, without the hassle of car ownership. Now that’s freedom. Used car leasing via CarNext by LeasePlan is a simple, fully transparent product that’s easy on your wallet. Whether you're a business owner or independent.

How you benefit

  1. useofcar_LAll-inclusive price

    All possible car costs are covered by us. You only pay fuel and fines you might catch.

  2. Happy Customer_LNo surprises

    Clear and easy terms and conditions. We are completely transparent.

  3. Pool Management__LFast delivery

    You can drive your next car within two to three weeks after contract signing.

  4. New Car__LHigh quality cars

    Choose from a wide selection of carefully selected cars straight from the first owner.

How our process works

It’s easy.

  1. Browse our wide selection of high quality used cars
  2. Find your perfect car
  3. Order your vehicle
  4. A standard credit check - no big deal. This is perfectly normal when taking out a lease
  5. Sign your contract
  6. Schedule your delivery/pickup
  7. Time to enjoy your ride!

Ready to lease?

Find your next car

What’s included?

Sit back and enjoy your ride. The price includes (almost) everything. All you have to do is cover your fuel and any fines you might catch along the way.

  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Damages & repairs
  • Replacement vehicle - within 72 hours
  • Comprehensive insurance - full coverage
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance - European and local
  • Road tax
  • Annual safety test
  • Vehicle registration
  • A full tank on delivery

What’s not included
⤬ Fuel
⤬ Fines