Eltersdorfer Straße 23 90425 Nürnberg

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Our Delivery store in Nuremberg opened its doors in 2011. At any time you can view high-quality and quality-tested used cars. If you are interested, take them for a test drive. Free parking is available for you right outside our entrance.

Our team of dedicated Sales Advisor will help you in case of any question. You can still reach us under +49 (0)211-913 582 16 (Daily between 8 AM and 10 PM) or via Email: support.de@carnext.com.



Peppino de Cesare Tel: 0172 2423769 E-Mail: peppino.decesare@carnext.com

Sükrü Dilki Tel.: 01578 0598492 E-Mail: suekrue.dilki@carnext.com

Aleksandar Sekulic Tel.: 01578 0598491 E-Mail: aleksandar.sekulic@carnext.com