About CarNext.com pre-owned cars

About CarNext.com

CarNext.com gives you a way to buy high-quality ex-business lease cars directly from the original leasing customer to you.This cuts out any middle men, so there are no auction costs or dealer mark-ups – just very competitive prices.We don’t cut corners though, as every car has an mechanical inspection and is then prepared to our retail standards.

A bit about us

These ex-business lease vehicles are offered by CarNext.com, with 1.8 million vehicles in more than 30 countries.Most of our cars have been with one driver for the duration of their lease, but some may have had more than one driver.

Our checks and preparation will always ensure the car reaches you in the best possible condition and our warranty and money-back guarantee ensure total peace of mind.We have over 50 years’ experience in the industry and are a trusted partner for everyone from major companies to small businesses and individual customers.

Our size and experience allow us to manage the entire life cycle of our vehicles – from purchasing and maintenance to selling ex-business lease cars to new owners when the original lease comes to an end.

With CarNext.com, you can buy your next car from a leading leasing company, with all the confidence and peace of mind that brings.