Car Dealers

Are you a dealer selling used vehicles?

Through for Dealers, professional used car dealers can buy high-quality vehicles from LeasePlan.

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All vehicles come with:

  • A service history
  • A certified Dekra inspection report
  • Guaranteed mileage for Dealers Aftersales process LeasePlan Hellas

These are the steps in the aftersales process

  1. If you are the highest bidder and your bid meets the minimum price, you will receive a Notification of Sale from LeasePlan via email.

  2. On the Notification of Sale the total amount and the bank details of LeasePlan Hellas are shown The total amount must be paid within the next 5 working days.

  3. For non-EU dealers a security deposit is required. The amount will be refunded by LeasePlan Hellas, once a copy of the EUR1 document is sent to LeasePlan Hellas by email.

  4. Once LeasePlan Hellas receives the amount, they will send the Pick Up Notification via email. You will be asked to produce this notification when picking up the vehicle

  5. You must pick up the vehicle within 6 working days after receiving the Pick Up Notification.

  6. After the vehicle is picked up, LeasePlan Hellas will send you the vehicle documents and original invoice via email.

  7. If any issue arise, it must be reported within 5 days after picking up the vehicle, which should not be driven more than 50 km.