Buy your car online and get your car delivered for free at your doorstep

To make it even easier for you to buy your next car via, we now offer free home delivery in case you buy the car via our online e-commerce channel.

Today you buy everything online, your toothpaste, groceries, television and even your next sofa. So why not buying your next car fully online. We as offer you this possibility, with our online e-commerce flow we offer you the possibility to buy your next car within 5 minutes online. In order to make it even more convenient for you we will delivery the car for free to your desired location. This can be at home, at your work or even at the football club.

Please select your car and press the “buy online” button. As a next step you will be asked to add any additional services and by pressing continue you will be directed to your preferred delivery method. It might seem strange, but please select the option that you want to pick-up the car at one of the locations. Please select any of the locations in the next step and complete your online purchase. After you have signed your and made the down payment you will be contacted by our team. Together with the one of our colleagues you will decide where the car will be delivered or if you will pick up the car at one of our delivery stores. Easy as that and don’t’ forget both options are free of charge!

A video call, is a call that will be performed via WhatsApp. At the agreed upon date and time our sales advisor will call you on your smartphone and will give you a tour of the car and will be available to answer all of your questions. Also during the call the sales advisor can for example demonstrate the sizes of the car so you can see if the leg and boot space will be sufficient for you.”