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The following terms of use apply to this website (, which is property of LeasePlan Fleet Management NV/SA, registered at Excelsiorlaan 8, BE-1930 Zaventum.

Your rights
If you are visiting or reading our posts on social media, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations. The information provided below applies to our website, mobile website, apps and all of our posts on social media.

By visiting this website and/or using our information, you are agreeing to by bound by these terms of use. Please read the terms carefully to avoid any surprises. In case our terms of use conflict with the terms and conditions of our products and services, then the conditions specific to the products and services shall prevail.

The information shared on our website and via social media is meant to be general information. This information is not intended as advice. You are responsible for the decisions you make based on this information.

LeasePlan makes every effort to provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information from reliable sources. However, we cannot guarantee that all the information shared on this website or social media is accurate, complete, and up to date.
LeasePlan manages and maintains from Belgium We cannot guarantee that the information provided here is relevant in other countries. Are you using this website from a country other than Belgium? Then it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Website performance
LeasePlan cannot guarantee that functions without error or interruption.

Website use
This website may not be used in a way that could disrupt or hinder other website visitors. It is also not permissible to use the website in a way that endangers the functionality of the website. Finally, it is not permissible to use the website in a way that could damage or interfere with the published information or underlying software.

Third-party information
The website contains links to third-party websites from other organisations. This does not imply that LeasePlan endorses the products or services that these organisations offer. LeasePlan does not monitor the content of external websites for accuracy, reliability, trustworthiness or completeness.

If you visit the external websites that LeasePlan links to, then you do so at your own risk. LeasePlan cannot be held liable for the content, use or availability of these third-party websites.

Intellectual property
LeasePlan and the relevant rights-holders retain all of the rights to our content. This includes copyrights, trademarks, patents and all other intellectual property rights. This concerns all of the rights related to the information published on, our mobile website, apps and social media. It includes (but is not limited to) text, graphics, photos, illustrations, applications and logos.

Using our information
You are allowed to print or download the information we publish for personal use only. However, without prior written consent from LeasePlan, is not permitted to use the information found on or social media in the following ways:

  • Copying the content
  • Reusing the content
  • Duplicating the content
  • Distributing the content in any form
  • Publishing the content

Email communications
If you send emails to LeasePlan, you accept the risk that these messages could be intercepted. That implies that your emails could also be read, misused or modified by someone else. LeasePlan cannot be held responsible if this occurs.

Responsible disclosure
LeasePlan makes every effort to ensure the security of this website and your data. However, if you discover any areas where our security might be compromised, we encourage you to disclose it in a responsible way we can investigate the issue and find a solution. Please use the following procedure to inform us of any potential security threats:

  • Send an email to
  • Include detailed information about what you did on the website that led you to discover a potential security threat.
  • Include your email address

Do not publicly disclose any information about potential security issues unless you have received prior written consent from LeasePlan.

Exclusion of liability
LeasePlan, its potential agents and/or subcontractors cannot be held liable for any potential damages or losses that occur as a result of the website or social media. This includes direct, indirect, incidental, consequential and punitive damages, including lost profits (even if LeasePlan has been advised on the possibility of these damages). LeasePlan does not accept responsibility for:

  • Defects, viruses or other malfunctions caused to devices or software in connection with accessing or using the website
  • Incorrect information on the website or social media
  • The interception, modification or misuse of information sent to LeasePlan or to you
  • The performance of the website
  • Improper use of the website
  • Loss of data or information
  • Downloading or use of software available via the website or social media
  • Third-party claims in connection to the use of the website or information provided by LeasePlan

The exclusion of liability also applies to LeasePlan drivers and employees, but shall does not apply in the event of intentional or gross negligence by LeasePlan.

LeasePlan Bank reserves the right to update the information provided on the website and these terms of use at any time. Please review the information regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes.

Applicable law
The website and these terms of use are governed by Belgian law. The Belgian court of law is exclusively authorised to rule on any potential disputes arising from the website and the information provided by LeasePlan NV/SA.